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Absolutely, the right tools do make all the difference. Well, your employees' work styles and the way they make decisions are actually "Tools" of the Mind.

So, when was the last time that you gave them training on that?

Well, as an employee, the HANDYman Work Style Training System will help you learn to use your Greatest Tool…You!

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The theory behind the HANDYman® concept, can be traced back to 450 B.C. Hippocrates, who is considered the “Father of Medicine”, identified that there are four different types of personalities. During the last century noted psychiatrist, Carl Jung described personality differences as a fundamental basis for understanding human beings. Jung's work, Psychological Type, was translated into English in 1923, it had a profound effect on Katherine C. Briggs. As a result, Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs-Myers, developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  ​The Myers-Briggs theory states that much of the random variation in human behavior is actually quite orderly. In their work, they identified and characterized sixteen (16) different types of personalities.

​In more recent years, David Keirsey has refined the work of Myers-Briggs by classifying personalities back into the four types. According to Keirsey, these four types are different in fundamental ways:
1. They want different things. 
2. They have different motives, needs, and drives. 
3. They analyze, conceptualize, understand, and learn differently. 
​4. So, it’s like trying to talk to someone who speaks a completely different language.  

These differences create natural barriers to interpersonal communication and effective teamwork, making interactions between people of different personality types difficult. The science of HANDYman® is predicated on these historical scientific principles. However, our system does not re-invent the science, it improves the methodology. The HANDYman® process is simpler and is easier to apply in your life than other personality systems. It's more than just FUN, its FUNctional!

                     HANDYman® is a brand new approach to solve an age-old problem!



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make all the difference in your job site projects.

And the right tools also make  all the difference in your Employee Training projects:

The HANDYman ®

Work Style & Personality Tools

​    Personalities at Work! TM

The "HANDY" concept of personalities is simply an acronym for HabitsActions, Natural Tendencies, Decisions and Yearnings which all combine to create your personality. There are four personalities types which are found in all people and those personalities are embodied by four Personality Tools- CompassMeasuring TapeCalculator and Level.

Our Training


Your people and all of the associated expenses (investment) related to employees typically represent the largest portion of your annual budget. Get a better Return on that investment, by getting better results from your people.

The personalities of your employees influence their work styles, their decision-making and their performances. 



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Obviously you have tried other training in the past. But, there has never been training like this. US Companies spend more than $150 Billion on training each year. Don't spend more, Get More!